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Learn to Read Tarot Cards

How Many Tarot Cards Are There?

The world of tarot is a realm of symbolism, intuition, and mystique. Central to this…

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The Fool’s Journey

The Major Arcana is also known as The Fool's journey. Every card in it refers…

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Bad Omens: Bad Luck

Some people feel that bad luck follows them wherever they go. While we all experience…

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Cosmic Spectacles: June 2023 Celestial Events

Get ready to witness a celestial spectacle like no other! June 2023 is a month…

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Misconceptions About Shadow Working in Tarot

Shadow work is a powerful and transformative practice that is often associated with tarot. It…

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A Deep Dive into The Major Arcana

Tarot cards have been used for divination and personal growth for centuries. One of the…

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Tarot Card Suits

The Suit of Cups

The Cups Suit is also sometimes known as The Suit of Goblets. Another phrase that…

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The Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles can also sometimes be referred to as the Suit of Coins.…

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The Suit of Swords

Each Suit contains 14 cards. Similar to a regular deck of cards, they have an…

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The Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands can sometimes be referred to as the Suit of Batons. Each…

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Understanding Tarot Spreads

Five Card Love Spread

*For context, please read Three Card- Love Spread before continuing. In the five card spread,…

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Halloween Tarot Spread

Halloween is a very special holiday for celebrating everything mystical- including divination! Many people believe…

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Job Search Spread

If you're in the middle of a job search, often you will be presented with…

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New Opportunity Spread

When a new opportunity presents itself in your professional life, sometimes a pros and cons…

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Lightworking Spread

For those of us who are still seeking self-improvement and haven't quite reached Enlightenment, we…

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Career Trajectory Spread

Sometimes things in your career aren't so simple as a yes/no answer. Sometimes it's more…

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Tarot Card Meanings

Welcome to

Learning to read Tarot Cards can be confusing and intimidating! But at we are here to help.

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Prefer to learn yourself? Read for your friends? Follow along to your phone or video reading? You have come to the right place.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a divination tool designed to give you answers from the universe and your Higher self. Many people see it as a form of fortune telling, which is a major misconception. Tarot gives you advice on how to handle different aspects of your life and insight into specific things that may be problem areas for you. It is thought to tap into something subliminally, because of the way you use card interpretation to come to conclusions in your reading.

About Tarot card decks

There are 2 main decks of tarot cards: the Major Arcana, which has 22 cards and the Minor Arcana, which has 56 cards. The Major Arcana are the overarching cards of tarot and do not include suits. The Major Arcana is also often referred to as The Fool’s Journey. The Minor Arcana is broken down into 4 different suits. Pentacles (which are also sometimes called coins), Wands (which are sometimes called staffs), Cups, and Swords. These suits originated from the basic suits in playing cards: hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds and people used to use these cards to play games with.

Pentacles – cards in the Pentacles suit refer to things in the material world, such as money, success, and career.

Wands –  the suit of Wands represent energy, ideas, and innovation. They are often telling of your sense of purpose in life, in your career, or in your love life.

Cups — The suit of Cups refer to relationships and your emotions. They often give insight into how you feel or how others feel about you.

Swords — The Swords cards reveeal your greatest challenges in life.  They often show truths that you need to face in order to move forward. Although swords cards can tell of heartbreak, illness, loss or death, they can give the strength of the heart to ultimately deal with issues and move forward.

About Tarot spreads

Spreads are set ways of pulling and laying out tarot cards to read into different aspects of your life. It is not necessary to use a spread at all times, especially if you know your tarot cards and have been doing readings for awhile. You can simply pull a card and intuit its meanining in your life or the life of the person you’re doing a reading for. Tarot spreads can be made specifically to tell you something about your love life, career, or finances. Each spread can also refer to situations in the past, present or future.

Laying out your Tarot cards

Once you’ve determined the spread that best fits your needs, you need to shuffle the deck. Occasionally while shuffling, you will get what’s known as a ‘jumper’ card or a card that pops out while shuffling the deck. These cards are generally set aside and given special consideration outside of the template of the spread. These cards are thought to be the universe trying to communicate a message to you. It is important to read messages aloud before you pull cards to fully communicate your needs to the universe.

How to read Tarot cards

Each card has a specific meaning. You can find more details on the specific meanings on our tarot card meanings pages. Figuring out how to interpret each card comes with time and it depends on the reading and the other cards pulled in the reading, which is why you can’t read a spread card by card. They all interact to form a larger picture. The most important part is listening to your intuition and letting it tell you what the tarot deck is trying to communicate.

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