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Ascendant: Natal Chart Interpretation

When you’re reading a natal chart for a tarotscope reading, it’s very important to understand the different aspects and how they work together to create the full picture. Your ascendant is the second way to categorize yourself on your natal chart. This is also known as your “rising” sign.

Your ascendant shows the person you present yourself to be. Often times, people act a certain way until they are comfortable around you. Think of your ascendant in that way. On the surface, who do others perceive you to be?

Your ascendant changes every two hours so even someone that was born on the same day as you will likely have a difference ascendant and present themseleves totally differently.

For example: Say one of you has your ascendant in Libra. A Libra ascendant is likely come across as balanced, fair and diplomatic. However, say the other ascendant is in Leo. The Leo ascendant is likely to be demanding of attention and respect. They are very conscious of their environment and the backgrounds of the people they are interacting with. Even born on the same day, people can be completely different based on their time of birth.

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