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Best Cards to Receive in a Financial Reading

Often times, we find ourselves searching for further meaning in our readings. Whether you’re drawing the cards or having them drawn for you, it’s hard to know what is a good sign or a bad sign, as nearly everything in tarot is up for interpretation. Here are some clear cut positive cards to receive in a financial reading.

Any card of Pentacles: This should be fairly self explanatory, but any card from the pentacles suit is speaking directly to your financial situation. The suit of pentacles was once upon a time referred to as the suit of coins and it was the trademark suit of guilds and merchants in Europe. As long as these cards are upright when you receive them, you can rest assured that they are a positive sign of great financial tidings to come.

Nine of Cups: The Nine of Cups shows that the blessings you have earned are about to be bestowed upon you. This can come in the form of a promotion or an investment finally paying off.

Wheel of Fortune: This one should be fairly self explanatory. Receiving the Wheel of Fortune in any financial reading is like- quite literally- winning the jackpot. Some circles refer to this as the wheel of karma because it spells the name of God out in Hebrew on its front.

The Sun: The Sun is meant to represent all of the light and positivity the world has to offer. This is an overwhelmingly positive card in any type of reading, but especially financial.

Six of Wands: The Six of Wands is closely associated with The Sun so it stands to reason that they would be together on this list.

Remember the other cards in a reading and the surrounding cards can alter the reading significantly, as can reverse cards. However, if you see any of these cards in a financial reading, you can rest assured that there is most likely a positive reading ahead.

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