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Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross is one of the most common spread requests you will receive when you’re reading tarot. It uses a full 10 cards so make sure you have plenty of space available to you before attempting this spread.

Card 1: Shows your life at present and your feelings about it.
Example: The Seven of Wands represents conviction. In this case, The Seven of Wands may be trying to tell you that there are challenges lying ahead, but you have the conviction to make it through them. It will depend on the other cards pulled to draw a full conclusion. However, this is the most common meaning behind pulling this card in this space.

Card 2: Shows the challenge in your path.
Example: The Four of Cups is an interesting pull for this section. It can represent long thoughts or even depression. You will need to evaluate how it relates to you specifically. Are you taking too much time thinking without acting? Are you allowing yourself to fall into depression?

Card 3: Shows desires and aspirations.
Example: The Two of Cups depicts a union on its front. It is the card that most represents companionship and unity. Based on the previous cards, we’re able to draw a larger picture of someone who is depressed because of a lack of companionship, whether that be friends or a significant other.

Card 4: Shows your life in the past and how it made you feel.
Example: The Six of Pentacles represents generosity and balance. This paints the picture of a life that used to be filled with joy and companionship and for one reason or another, has taken a drastic and dark turn. This card shows us, however, that there was a time in which you were happy and a way back to that.

Card 5: Shows upcoming opportunities.
Example: The Moon is a symbol of wisdom. The card itself can depict the moon subtly lighting an otherwise unclear path ahead. There will be opportunities for companionship in the future, but The Moon card in this case, would be urging you to be discerning with who you allow in, as they may not be the solution you were looking for to ease your loneliness.

Card 6: Shows your life in the near future
Example: Strength shows courage and influence. You will soon take a leap and put yourself out there. This can be as simple as joining a recreational group to make friends or joining a dating website. This will be a step in the right direction and it will be hard to make at first, but will ultimately lead to a happier life.

Card 7: Shows your responsibility in the situation.
Example: The Five of Wands would represent your relationship with your higher self. The Five of Wands is representative of inner turmoil and change. You may be struggling with low self esteem or addiction, something very tangible is holding you back in your pursuit for companionship and it will need to be tackled before any real headway is able to be made.

Card 8: Shows the responsibility of others in the situation.
Example: The Page of Wands is a wonderful omen to receive. He represents childlike excitement and infinite possibilities. There are no doubt people out there that are excited to get to know you that would be a wonderful addition to your life.

Card 9: Positive and Negative.
Example: The Sun upright shows positivity and fertility. These would be your hopes for the future of the situation. But in reverse, The Sun shows sadness and procrastination. Your hopes are that you would get out there immediately and find fulfillment in meaningful relationships, however, there is a part of you that is afraid that you will continue to procrastinate and be in the same place a year from now or possibly even longer.

Card 10: Outcome.
Example: The World shows where you will end up if no changes are made to alter your current path. In reverse, the World shows delays and emptiness. Your life will not be complete until you make these changes.

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