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Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles has strong ties to the Planet Mercury, which is the planet of mind and mouth. This shows that these cards refer to matters of communication and creative expression. The Eight of Pentacles also has strong ties to the Virgo astrological sign, symbolizing a strong work ethic and constructive criticism. The Pentacles suit would point towards a journey of fiscal significance.

The Eight of Pentacles features a man who is etching the star symbol onto pentacles. In the background, there is a small town but he is so preoccupied with his work that he doesn’t seem to notice. He is concentrating very hard on his work and some around him may say he’s a perfectionist or a workaholic.

Upright- Ambition, perfectionism, talent

When the Eight of Pentacles appears in a reading, you are working hard to better yourself. This may be through higher education or spiritual enlightenment. You may be getting fed up with some aspects of your life and you’re ready to make some changes to improve your life. The Eight of Pentacles is giving you the green light to make those changes. The Eight of Pentacles also urges you not to become a workaholic like the man crafting pentacles. Keep doing what you’re doing and use the Eight of Pentacles as your inner guide and you will find success. Just be cautioned against getting tunnel vision.

Reverse- Mediocrity, workaholic, laziness

The reversed Eight of Pentacles may appear when you’re focused whole-heartedly on improving yourself. You may have different tricks for controlling your temper or thinking positively. You are likely very disciplined and mentally strong, but you’re losing enthusiasm. The returns from a project or investment may not be what you’re expecting them to be. You’re tired f working hard and may be tempted to start becoming lazy and putting in less effort. You may need to shift your way of thinking and create new, more attainable goals for yourself.

**In a yes/no reading, the Eight of Pentacles is a yes.

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