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Full Moon Tarot Spread

We spoke previously about how the full moon can affect your tarot spreads. We spoke about how a full moon spread can help identify areas of your life that might need some attention and how demand for tarot readings can increase around this time. With that being said, it seems only right to provide you with a full moon spread so you can try it for yourself!

The full moon spread uses 4 cards in a straight line and focuses on your life, which can be really intuitive for a self reading.
We begin with card #1, which will show the main theme of the spread. What is that thing that has been eluding you? What do you need to work on that you may not have realized is an issue yet?

Example: Our example card this time is a doozy! I pulled the Death card, which is not always a positive omen. However, it shows the death of the life you currently know. This can mean a major transition and it can even indicate upward mobility. This could be a sign to look into a new job position, if it’s taken in a career sense. If you feel it’s more referring to your romantic life, it could indicate an impending breakup. But keep in mind, the promise of the card of death is that there is always something better waiting for you.

We continue with card #2, which is meant to show where you are in regards to fixing what is wrong. Are you at the beginning of realizing or have you maybe accepted this within yourself already? A little meditation and self-reflection may go hand in hand with this step.

Example: The Star is an oddly appropriate option to pull for a full moon spread. The start represents healing as its very core, but also hope. To me, personally, this speaks to the ending of the journey. It speaks to the end of a bad breakup when you start returning to the gym or cut your hair and life seems full of possibility. Everyone will read things differently, especially with something as up to interpretation as this card. There are some key components that you can draw from: This card is card 17 in the Major Arcana. If you’re a very logical person (much like the star herself) this would lead you to believe that you’re halfway through the journey. There’s also the point that The Star speaks to a time of peace after destruction so that would point towards the end. Either way you read this is correct.

Moving onto card #3, we will explore what you need to let go of to move on in your spiritual journey. This card can represent a person that may be holding you back. It can represent a situation that is harming you. It can represent a bad habit that is keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Example: The Seven of Swords is as clear of a reading as you can hope for. The person this reading is for has issues with honesty. This can be a hard truth, no pun intended. They may not accept this well, but they probably know deep down that they have problems with being deceitful and not being totally transparent with those in their life. This is a clear sign that they are being held back by this problem. BUT it’s important to keep in mind, this card can also refer to someone close to them that may be impeding their progress with these habits.

The last card, #4, represents someone or something that will be helpful to you in this journey. Sometimes you can recognize people in your life through the lens of a tarot card. It can be easy to identify when you’re in love and someone is your other half and they exude the energy of the Two of Cups, but can you identify when people aren’t quite so readable?

Example: The last card in this spread, The Ace of Wands, provides a lot of insight. It speaks to enthusiasm and excitement. You can either find these feelings inside of yourself or maybe there’s someone in your life that is eager to help you realize your full potential. These people are hard to come by and you would be lucky to find one.

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