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Good Omens: Fertility

Often when doing a tarot reading, you will encounter those that are desperate for answers. When someone has a large problem, they may look to tarot for answers. One of the biggest things a couple or a woman can struggle with is fertility. It is important to make sure you’re presenting tarot as guidance and that answers are not always as straight forward as they seem so as to not provide false hope. That being said, these are some of the best cards to receive in a reading regarding fertility.

Cards indicating fertility:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

Three of Cups– This should come as no surprise if you know the story of Cups. The Two of Cups shows a great union or a wedding, and after that– baby makes three, baby! This is one of the strongest signs of fertility you can receive in a reading.

The Empress– Full of divine fertile energy, The Empress is sometimes thought of to be the embodiment of Mother Earth. A wonderful sign if you’re looking to expand your family.

The Sun– The Sun’s face shows a naked baby riding on the back of a horse. One can take this as one of the most blunt representations of a positive fertility omen.

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