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Good Omens: Rebirth

A lot of cards in tarot tell of total destruction and scorched Earth, but what might shock you is these can actually be interpreted as good omens! There is something very satisfying about wiping the slate completely clean and starting anew, and these cards foretell of the type of personal growth that requires destroying everything in your life in order to rebuild bigger and better.

Cards indicating rebirth:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

The Tower– People can be seen on the front of this card, fleeing a burning stone tower. Despite its harrowing imagery, tarot always promises a bright horizon after a card of destruction. The more intense the destruction, the brighter the dawn. Rely on your inner guidance and ditch any relationships that aren’t serving you to reap the full benefits of this rebirth.

Death– We can’t talk about rebirth without discussing the Death card. Death is the most permanent change your Earthly body can undergo. The symbolism is not lost on skilled tarot readers and they understand the hope that lies on the other side or even in the reverse of this card.

Judgement– Judgement speaks loudly to spiritual rebirth and the growth that is desperately needed. Many people reinvent themselves to avoid punishment that comes along with Judgement with many religions, which has strong influence on the meaning individuals may read into this card.

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