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Halloween Tarot Spread

Halloween is a very special holiday for celebrating everything mystical- including divination! Many people believe that the veil between our world and the next is thinner on Halloween and it is a day to reach out to the spirit world because they will be more likely to answer. In case you wanted to try your hand at a reading like that, be very wary of dark energy. Make sure you’re in a comfortable space and the energy of your deck is properly aligned. This spread is just for fun to give you a little guidance for your celebration on Halloween night.

Halloween Tarot Spread for Self Reflection and Growth

Card 1: shows the overall energy of your life at this moment
In the example spread, The World was pulled. The World represents harmony and is a wonderful omen for a Happy Halloween to come!

Card 2: Trick (something you could improve on)
In the example spread, The Empress was pulled. The Empress represents nurturing compassionate energy. Focus on having a positive energy that others will want to be around in the future.

Card 3: Treat (something you’re doing well at)
In the example spread, The Three of Swords was pulled. The Three of Swords represents a large betrayal and in this example shows that you are doing a great job of healing from something in your past that wounded you deeply.

Card 4: Trick 2 (a warning)
In the example spread, The Ace of Pentacles was pulled. The Ace of Pentacles represents a new upstart or financial investment. Be aware of any new investments or job opportunities that come your way in this time.

Card 5: Treat 2 (a place to give yourself grace)
In the example spread, The Fool was pulled. The Fool represents naivety and positive curiosity. This is a sign to embrace your childish and playful energy and not work so hard to stifle it.

Remember all tarot spreads are meant to offer guidance and have a Happy Halloween!

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