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How to Cleanse Your Tarot Deck for the New Year

Sometimes residual bad energy can throw off your tarot readings. Especially when you delve into things like dark work, you need to realign the energy of the tarot deck. Anytime you buy a new deck, you should also make sure to cleanse it. Much like you clean your workspace before laying out your cards, this clears your mental and emotional workspace. When you cleanse your deck you can be more open to emotions and influenced by divination. It is easier for your inner voice to reach you when your mind is quiet and clear.

Sage: Some people cleanse a house of any lingering spirits with sage. This is the same idea. You’re cleansing any remaining energy or spirit by burning sage, as it is considered a ‘sacred smoke.’

Crystals: If you believe in the healing properties of crystals and the effects they have on energy, a selenite stone or quartz will do the trick.

Salt: Salt has been believed to repel dark spirits since the beginning of time. Submerging the cards in salt or even just sprinkling them with salt should be enough to cleanse the deck for many more readings to come.

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