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Upright: Reflection, rebirth, absolution

The Judgement card is seen to depict the rapture, a time when all believer’s souls leave Earth and go to be with God in Heaven. On the card, the Archangel Gabriel can be seen blowing the trumpet. There are men women and children present showing that everyone is to be judged eventually and the mountain range in the back is meant to signify the certainty of judgement. There can be no running from it.

Judgement is a very spiritual card. This can be a calling to a spiritual awakening and a call to embrace your true destiny. Now is the time for growth spiritually and emotionally to continue on your cosmic journey. What is coming next will require you to be in a clear headspace all around. This card can also indicate that there is a life changing decision coming shortly, tune in to spiritual guidance to discover the right decision.

Reversed: Self-doubt, inner critic

The Judgement Reversed shows a need to reflect and evaluate your current circumstances. Are you holding onto old guilt and judgements from past decisions? This is your call to let that go and move forward on your path. This is the part of the reversed meanings that point toward your inner critic. The other meaning could be that you’re missing an obvious sign from the universe. It is calling you to stop and examine the signs around you that could be trying to point you to a more enlightened path ahead.

**In a yes/no reading, Judgement means yes.

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