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Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles has strong ties to the Planet Mercury, which is the planet of mind and mouth. This shows that these cards refer to matters of communication and creative expression. The Knight of Pentacles also has strong ties to the Virgo astrological sign, symbolizing a strong work ethic and constructive criticism. The Pentacles suit would point towards a journey of fiscal significance.

The Knight of Pentacles sits on a horse, staring at a gold coin in his hand. Behind the Knight, you can see tilled fields, showing that this Knight does not think he’s too good for hard work. This Knight, instead of being out on an adventure, appears to be more worried about the future of his homestead.

Upright- Hard work, routine, improvement

The Knight of Pentacles upright speaks to you about exactly that, daily responsibilities and hard work. You are very reliable and responsible and others may freely come to you for help. When this card appears, it is to tell you that you are playing it safe and following a diligent routine that will help you achieve your goals. Be ware that this monotony does not cause you to drop your sense of duty anytime soon. The Knight of Pentacles sees your hard work and tells you that you will soon accomplish your goals, if only by continuing to forge ahead.

Reverse- Boredom, perfectionism, laziness

The Knight of Pentacles in reverse means the exact opposite. You may feel that you’re dropping the ball left and right, because you are. You are irresponsible and those around you know that they cannot count on you. This may stop you from reaching your long term goals. What boss promotes a worker they cannot rely on you? What partner wants to marry someone they will spend their life taking care of? If this doesn’t sound like you, the alternate meaning is that you’re becoming too bored with your day to day life. You’ve done the upright version of this card for so long that your creative side is feeling stifled and you’re having trouble finding inspiration. The advice the Knight of Pentacles has for you in this case is to work to live, instead of living to work. Let loose a bit and explore new creative outlets, maybe work some variety into your day to day routine.

**In a yes/no reading, the Knight of Pentacles is a yes.

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