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Lightworking: Journaling

Just like before when we workshopped journaling with shadow working, we are going to work on journaling for lightworking. Any type of self improvement is a journey and tarot is no different. Seeking guidance through tarot can be confusing, especially if you’re just starting out. Keeping track of your day to day progress can be really helpful.

Example: When lightworking you can journal all of your thoughts day to day and stop when you start to lose momentum. Think about the things you like about yourself or ways you want to push yourself further for the greater good. Maybe you want to work on being more patient in anticipation of the day you become a parent. Journal the ways you think you can work on being more patient, such as counting to 10 when you’re being impatient. As a child, I would often find myself counting to 120 while waiting for the bus to show up. Whether it’s manifestation or magic, it almost always worked for me. While thinking about this, I’ve pulled the Ten of Pentacles. Upright, the Ten of Pentacles is an amazing sign, representing family and abundance. This would be a sign that you’re on the right track to have a family in the future.

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