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Love Decisions Spread

Sometimes in love, there are situations that are make or break, the classic “Should I stay or should I go?” question. This is very similar to the six card breakup spread, but uses four cards instead.

Card #1 represents your relationship as it is. For example: The Three of Swords shows heartbreak, grief and trauma in your present situation.

Card #2 symbolizes the reasons to stay in a relationship. For example: Death tells the story of powerful transitions and movement. The potential of this relationship is undeniable, but it will require effort to move it to a more positive place. It may even require a clean slate, as indicated by the finality of death.

Card #3 symbolizes the reasons to leave in a relationship. For example: The Chariot shows a lack of control and imminent failure. If things continue going the way they are going, this will be a very rocky relationship for you moving forward.

Card #4 shows advice for moving forward. For example: The Eight of Swords shows someone who is helpless and takes control of their life. The face of the card shows someone who is blindfolded and surrounded by swords, but were they to remove the blindfold, they would realize they are in no danger at all.

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