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Lucky Horseshoe Spread

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and in the spirit of festivities and luck, we’ve designed a custom tarot spread that is a play off of the very popular horseshoe spread. This spread is designed to show the type of luck you have in different aspects of your life.

Card 1: Justice
This card is pulled to show your overall luck in the short-term. Within the next few days to weeks, this is what your luck will look like. So for this example, Justice would imply that your short term may not be as pleasant as you might have hoped. Justice speaks to accountability and righting past wrongs. You may be receiving karma in the short term, but what will your long-term luck reveal?

Card 2: The World
This card is pulled to show your long-term luck overall. This is more referring to the coming months to years ahead than today or tomorrow. The World shows integration and harmony. It looks like you may experience hard times ahead that are leading to something better. Much like Death or The Tower, there are no negatives in tarot without a silver lining.

Card 3: The Page of Cups
The third card you pull in this lucky horseshoe spread is meant to show your luck in your romantic life. That being said, Cups refer to emotion and matters of the heart. You can’t get anything much better than the Page of Cups. He represents creative energy and exploration. It looks like your romantic life is full of possibility if you pulled this card!

Card 4: The Queen of Swords
The Queen of Swords is not someone you would want to mess with in your day to day life. Here, she refers to luck in your emotional life. She is honest independent and perceptive but can be perceived as a bit cold. This would not be a positive omen for the future of your emotional state. It appears you may not be very lucky and there may be something on the horizon to throw your emotional state out of whack.

Card 5: The Queen of Wands
What tarot spread would be complete without showing your luck in financial aspects of your life? That’s what card #5 of this spread is intended to do and with The Queen of Wands, there is no doubt what that points towards. She represent fertility and determination. I’m not a betting person, but if I was, this would be a surefire sign that my financial luck is amazing right now.

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