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Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is tied very closely with the Moon. The Moon represents your fears and illusions. This card also has strong ties to the Cancer astrological sign, symbolizing a nurturing and protective nature. The Cups suit would point towards an emotional journey- a new relationship, a new friendship, a new creative project.

The Page of Cups is adorned in a floral blue robe. The waves of the ocean are behind him, representing the creative flow of emotion that the Suit of Cups embodies. He holds a cup with a fish popping out of it, proving that creative inspiration can come from anywhere.

Upright- Curiosity, possibility, creative opportunities

The Page of Cups shows that inspiration can appear in the most unlikely of ways, pointing mainly to your subconscious thoughts and dreams. You must be open to new ideas, in this time. You should pursue any creative projects that come to mind. It shows the persistence needed to bring these ideas to life. This card also refers to your inner child and embracing creative outlets you might not typically- dance class, pottery, painting. Unleash your creative energy and manifest any projects your dreams are telling you to life.

Reversed- Emotional immaturity, creative blocks, new ideas

The Page of Cups Reversed may indicate a creative block. A reversed Page of Cups could indicate that there are projects that may have brought you joy in the past that you’ve forgotten about or abandoned. Rediscover that passion and reignite the creative spark that your life may have been missing. In love, there may be someone that you previously may not have considered that would react positively to your advances. In a professional setting, it can mean you’ve acted emotionally and unprofessionally in your place of business. There are many possibilities for receiving this card in a reading, but it in itself, is not a bad omen. This card merely points at things that could need improvement. In achieving this growth, you may place yourself on a path toward greater enlightenment.

**In a yes/no reading, the Page of Cups is a yes.

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