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Shadow Work in Tarot

Shadow work has a specific repuation in the world of tarot. In a world of “lightworkers” and angel cards, it can be a bit jarring to begin imediately with shadow work and dark cards. It is unfortunate that many people have this outlook on the world of tarot because it can be so neccessary to exploring the things that will truly help you grow and reach a point in life that you are happy with.

In therapy, they say it is essential to be honest with your therapist. The same is 100% true in a tarot reading. If you sit through a reading and don’t give accurate information, you’ll get a reading on your superficial self. The parts of you that are socially acceptable are simply not the whole picture. Shadow work revolves around the things you don’t say out loud and they help you to be able to bring more light and happiness into your day to day life.

When you’re able to shine a light on your shadow self, you’re able to recognize the things that need shaping. Over the next week, we will focus on different ways to explore shadow work ourselves and how we can use it to help others. Shadow work is the dirty, gritty work that really accomplishes change and it can be so exciting to explore.

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