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Shamrock Spread: A Treat for Good Luck in Tarot

This spread draws inspiration from the iconic shamrock, a symbol of luck and prosperity. Shuffle your tarot deck with the intention of uncovering hidden blessings and opportunities. Then, lay out the cards in the shape of a shamrock, with three cards forming each leaf and one card at the center:

Your first leaf represents past blessings. This will answer the question, “what blessings have I received in the past that I can draw upon now?”
In our example, we drew the Five of Wands. This card speaks of competition and diversity. You may have been blessed with an environment, whether it be at work or in a personal relationship that has challenged you and helped you to grow as a person.

Your second leaf represents present opportunities. What opportunities are currently available to you that you might be overlooking?
In our example, we drew the Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords speaks heavily to following your moral compass and passing sound judgement. This could point towards a career opportunity or a personal relationship that you’ve completely ruled out due to your moral compass. If I were reading this for someone, I would advise them to look into the opportunity some more as it may not be as it originally appeared or maybe the relationship would have a completely different dynamic in the present.

Your third leaf represents future fortunes. This tells you what you can expect to be blessed with in the near future.
In our example, we drew the Seven of Swords. This card has a dual meaning. It sometimes speaks to being righteous and upstanding, but in this situation, it would be pointing towards ridiculous rigidity. In this example, the cards really are drawing the reader towards something that they overlooked for moral reasons and need to revisit.

Your final card in the center represents inner wisdom. What lessons have you learned that will help you maximize your luck and prosperity?
In our example, we drew the Five of Pentacles. This card speaks to poverty and significant loss. Draw on those hard experiences to really push yourself towards the financial blessings that you have coming your way. Do not rest on your laurels and continue working as hard as ever to really claim the full potential of your blessings.

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