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Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles has strong ties to Planet Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, finances. This shows that these cards are generally referring to matters of love or physical material possessions. The Six of Pentacles is also associated with the star sign Taurus, which is symbolic of being very stubborn yet grounded. The Pentacles suit would point towards a journey of fiscal significance.

The Six of Pentacles shows a man dressed in nice garb. He is throwing coins around him with one hand and with the other he is holding a scale, representing balance. The Six of Pentacles is both ends of giving and receiving.

Upright- Generosity, prosperity, balance

Upright the Six of Pentacles is about sharing your wealth with those who need your help. Generally, the Suit of Pentacles refers only to cash and fiscal matters. This can also refer to your energy. When you have extra time and energy to give to others, you should do so. You never know when you will need friends and those you help will remember your good deeds should the time come to return them. Fiscally, you may think about making a large loan to someone in your life. Another interpretation could be that you are on the end receiving charity and you should take care not to become dependent upon it. Everything is a cycle and you also need to remember if you’re ever in the position to return the favor.

Reverse- Debt, desperation, self-care

The Six of Pentacles reversed reminds you to care for yourself first. If you’re giving to others, make sure you’re taking time for yourself. Don’t give too much emotional energy to your friends that you don’t have enough left for yourself. Make sure to keep things balanced in this time. In love, that means to make sure everything is balanced and you are not taking more than you’re giving in love. You also should not be over-compromising and bending over backwards to make your partner happy.

**In a yes/no reading, the Six of Pentacles is a yes.

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