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Upright: Courage, focus, influence

The Strength tarot card features a blond haired woman, stroking the head of a lion. This animal that is known to be a wild and fierced predator has been calmed by her loving nature. This shows how even though the lion has raw natural instincts, he can be beautiful when proper restraint is used and he is nurtured accordingly. She doesn’t use a whip or any form of force. Her love itself has tamed the lion. She wears a white robe to symbolize her purity and her belt anmd crown of flowers represent her deep ties to nature. Over her head is the inifinity symbol, showcasing her infinite potential.

The Strength card is very similar to the Chariot card, as they both represent power and strength. The Chariot speaks more to physical strength and strength of will, while the Strength card itself speaks more to strength of spirit. This card again speaks to the story of overcoming obstacles. There are subtle differences. With this card, it is clear you do not achieve your goals by stepping on others. You can control your situation and achieve your goals without brute strength or force. The Strength card urges you to hold back on your more animalistic instincts and try to hone them into something productive that can help you barrel through any obstacles stopping you from meeting your goals.

Reversed: Insecurity, low energy, inner strength

Reversed, the Strength card can signal that you are more similar to the lion. You are prone to anger and fits of rage. You need to tame those impulses and reinvigorate yourself to be able to move forward. If you have recently experienced a minor set back, you may be feeling discouraged or lacking in self confidence. This is a time to push through that feeling and tame any negative initial reactions you may be feeling and try to reconstruct them.

**In a yes/no reading, Strength is a yes.

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