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Tarot Advent Calendar: Day One

As we enter into a new year, it is as important as ever to be able to ask for wisdom from your spiritual guides. We’re bringing you another way to do that using the tarot this holiday season. While everyone is busy unwrapping presents from under the tree, you can be working towards unwrapping your lifelong goals next year, with the help of the universe itself.

The first spread we’re going to dive into is a simple guidance spread. This is a spread for asking how to accomplish a specific goal you might have in mind. Visualize this question and then draw four cards from your tarot deck.

Place your cards from 1-4, in the order they are pulled from the deck, according to the chart. Let’s dive into what exactly they mean.

Card 1: The Current State of the Situation You’re Asking About
Example: The Page of Pentacles
As we all know, the Page of Pentacles refers to a financial journey. This could have to do with a new investment opportunity or a new job offer. You could even be in the process of manifesting a new job offer! Pulling this card means you’re on the precipice of having to make some important decisions that will heavily affect your career or financial future.

Card 2: A Person That Will Help
Example: The Two of Pentacles
Taking into account the card we previously pulled was the Page of Pentacles, this is a good sign. This card is representative of a person that will be able to help in your new endeavor. The Two of Pentacles, in this case, would appear to be pointing to a person that may not have it figured out totally, but they are starting their journey as well. They will be full of creative ideas and boundless energy that is sure to help you accomplish those big goals.

Card 3: An Attitude That Will Help
Example: Five of Pentacles
The Five of Pentacles is a grim sign usually. It shows a person who is totally destitute and without resources. However, this card is meant to show the attitude that will help you accomplish your goals. It would appear the tarot is telling this person that it is important to act as though they have nothing to lose — as they have already lost it all.

Card 4: Where the Situation Will Eventually End Up
Example: The Queen of Swords
The Queen of Swords shows the pragmatic nature of someone that is doing as opposed to planning. It appears in this example, the spirit guides are warning the person to plan, plan, plan to be successful in their next job search or investment if they want to reap rewards.

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