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Tarot Exercise: Card of the Day

When you’re starting out in tarot, it can certainly be overwhelming to have so many new cards to familiarize yourself with. A way that many of the top readers have learned over time is by picking a card of the day and really focusing on it. What that means is not just studying the card, but keeping it as a constant presence in your mind throughout your day. Think of how you emotionally connect to the card throughout your day. If your card is The Ace of Cups for example, keep in mind what things you hear throughout your day might be connected to it. The Ace of Cups is strongly tied to the beginning of an emotional journey. This can point to anything from a pregnancy to a new creative project on the horizon. Think about what emotions that could be tied to the card and the energy it bring. If you’re thinking about a pregnancy, probably joy or excitement would be the first to come to mind. What about apprehension? Unsuredness? There are many nuances to cards and you can get to know these exceptions and secondary emotions you might not initially think of by having a card of the day to think about. Also, always write it down! If you ever want to review or circle back, notes could be very valuable.

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