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Tarot Spread for Celestial Transformation During a Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are profound celestial events that infuse the world with transformative energy and invite us to embark on a journey of personal growth. When engaging in Tarot readings during a solar eclipse, specific spreads can help us tap into the cosmic power and receive guidance aligned with this extraordinary phenomenon. In this article, we will explore a tarot spread that is particularly suited for use during a solar eclipse, allowing us to delve into the depths of our souls and harness the transformative energies of the celestial event.

Eclipse Awareness Spread:
This spread is designed to deepen our awareness of the energy

  • Card 1: The Eclipse Energy: Represents the primary energy or lesson that the solar eclipse brings forth.
    Example: The Hermit represents wisdom and soul searching. If you received the Hermit in this place in your spread, it is safe to say that the eclipse will bring about some self-reflection on your part.
  • Card 2: Personal Transformation: Provides insight into how the eclipse energy may impact your personal journey and facilitate growth.
    Example: The Five of Wands represents competition and diversity. In this case, it would seem that there’s some friendly competition in your future that might lead to personal growth. This could refer to competition over a romantic partner or even an upcoming career move.
  • Card 3: Guidance and Action: Offers guidance on how to best navigate the transformative energies and take action in alignment with your highest good.
    Example: The Ace of Cups represents new love. All together, this example spread would seem to point to a bit of romantic competition that will cause you to grow and reflect on yourself.

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