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Upright: Balance, patience, good health

Temperance appears in this card as a winged angel, with no defined gender. The crest on their chest shows a triangle inside of a square, which represents how people are bound by the Earth and natural law. The angel is dipping its foot into a stream, displaying the need to keep oneself grounded in reality ad flexible. They pour water between two cups, showing the flow of life that is inescapable.

The Temperance card preaches moderation. Avoid any and all extreme decisions and situations after receiving this card in a reading. Remain calm and rational, even if life becomes a bit overwhelming. Temperance calls you to take a neutral stance in upcoming quarrels and hear all sides. It shows that you are at a place where you are at peace and now is not the time to create divisiveness in personal or professional relationships.

Reversed: Imbalance, realignment, overindulgence

Reversed, Temperance takes on an entirely different meaning. It is calling you to turn away from any overindulgence in your life, such as overeating, drinking or overspending. These habits are fully overshadowing who you are as a person and keeping you from your greater calling in life. Temperance is calling you back to balance. You are being called to evaluate your priorities and reroute your soul’s journey accordingly.

**In a yes/no reading, Temperance is a yes.

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