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The Suit of Cups

The Cups Suit is also sometimes known as The Suit of Goblets. Another phrase that refers to this suit is The Suit of Chalices. Each Suit contains 14 cards. Similar to a regular deck of cards, they have an ace, 2 to 10 numbered, queen, king. They also contain the page and knight which split the spot the Jack would typically occupy. These cards were originally used to play certain card games and still are throughout many European countries. However, they can be used for divination, which has become increasingly popular in The United States.

In tarot, cups represent water and refer to an emotional situations. These are associated with love, feelings and relationships typically. The element of water is symbolic of the fluidity of water represented by emotions, intuition and cleansing. The water astrological signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In days past, the cups represented the church, which explains why many tarot readers will associate the suit with spiritual matters.

Should a reading be predominantly Cups cards, you are struggling with emotional conflicts- things like conflict in your romantic relationship, fighting with a friend, overwhelming emotions.

Cups Cards:

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