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The Hermit

Upright: Wisdom, soul searching, introspection

The lantern The Hermit holds is meant to be a metaphor of as lighthouse guiding ships in from the harbor. It also shows a six pointed star inside, called the seal of Solomon. It represents wisdom. He stands on top of a mountain to show his mastery of self and enlightenment. He has reached a heightened state of awareness.

The Hermit card is a sign that it’s time to take a step back and focus on introspection. Often looking for answers within requires a lot of meditation and very few distractions. The Hermit often appears at a turning point in your life where you are considering redirection. Through meditation and self-reflection, you will be much more insightful of the life surrounding you. This card also refers to self reliance and turning back from a materialistic lifestyle. Consider this card your spiritual mentor, calling on you to enhance your consciousness.

Reversed: Paranoia, isolation, loneliness,

The Hermit can mean one of two things when reversed. You either aren’t making enough time for meditation and self reflection or you are taking too much. If you have already pursuing inner knowledge, the reversed Hermit card can be a sign that the isolation period is going on a little long and it may be time to return to the world.

**In a yes/no reading, the Hermit is a yes.

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