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The Moon

Upright: Fear, confusion, risk

The Moon card features a full moon, front and center. The Moon is a symbol of mystical wisdom, as it subtly illuminates an unclear path ahead. This card has everything to do with your conscious and unconscious mind and the mysteries held within your subconscious. This is represented by the two canines in front of the Moon. One is a dog, tamed, domesticated and representative of your conscious or “tamed” mind. The other is a wolf, wild and free, symbolizing your subconscious mind.

The Moon card’s story is all about the illusion of perspective. This card upright calls you to investigate your current life situation. Are you projecting past issues into your current life? You may be keeping painful memories at bay that are now surfacing through your subconscious (i.e. dreams). The Moon can also indicate an illusion. Someone in your life mat be pulling the wool over your eyes. Pay close attention to your dreams in this time, they may help reveal to you exactly what is in need of healing.

Reversed: Clarity, truth seeking, overcoming

The reversed Moon card represents the other side of the upright journey. The universe has seen your struggles and you’re now overcoming them. This card is a clear sign from the universe that you are missing other signs it has been sending you. As hinted by the name, observe the Lunar cycle during the time this card is pulled. Keep a dream journal if you haven’t previously and if you have, reread old entries to unlock the mystery of what’s been missing frombyour conscious mind. It may stop your soul from its path to continued enlightenment and detract from your higher purpose.

**In a yes/no reading, The Moon is a no.

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