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The Wheel of Fortune

Upright: Chance, destiny, karma

The Wheel of Fortune card shows a huge wheel with the Hebrew letters spelling out the name of God on the face of the wheel. The middle wheel has the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulphur, water, and salt. This is meant to represent the four elements that are a theme throughout the tarot deck. On the outer circle, you will see a serpent or the Egyptian god Typhon (god of evil). On the right side, you will see Anubis, who is the Egyptian god that greets souls in the afterlife. The whole scene is looked upon by the Sphinx, representing knowledge and strength.

The Wheel of Fortune has ties to the planet Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. The upright Wheel of Fortune is often a symbol of good luck to come! If you’re going through trials and tribulations, be assured that they will soon end. The Wheel of Fortune is also referred to by some as the Wheel of Karma. This good luck or good karma can manifest itself as a new opportunity- a promotion at work, or a new relationship. Keep an eye out for things that may at first appear to be too good to be true. With this good omen on the horizon, anything is possible.

Reversed: Bad luck, breaking cycles, unwelcome change

Conversely, if you receive the reversed Wheel of Fortune card, it is a bad omen. You may experience unwelcome changes. This could manifest as the loss of employment, a betrayal, anything! Consider what previous actions could have brought about this drastic change in circumstances, as the Wheel of Fortune card indicates that your good or bad luck is directly related to your karmic rewards. On the positive side, this can also sometimes mean that you’re breaking a negative cycle that has been weighing on you.

**In a yes/no reading, the Wheel of Fortune is a yes.

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