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What a Full Moon Phase Could Mean For Your Tarot Readings

It has been believed for many years that the entire universe affects tarot in different ways. There are so many ways divination can be affected and the moon is no exception! To be more specific, it is a commonly held belief that you will receive the most clear tarot readings when the moon is full. For this reason, many times the full moon will lead to surges in people wanting a reading.

A true divination expert can tell you that the moon represents wisdom & completion. Simply because the moon has been around since the dawn of time, it has seen a thing or two! It certainly knows a thing or two as well. If you’re lucky enough, a full moon can illuminate your tarot reading and really bring light to something that may have been a recurring theme in your readings, but thus far has eluded you.

It is always a good idea to try a full moon tarot spread for yourself on the night of, and maybe spend some time basking in the moonlight to really connect with the universe.

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