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Dispelling Myths about Tarot Spreads

1. Tarot Spreads Predict the Future: One of the most pervasive myths about Tarot spreads is that they are meant to predict the future with absolute certainty. In reality, Tarot is not a crystal ball. Instead, it offers a snapshot of the current energies surrounding the seeker and potential outcomes based on those energies. The future is not fixed, but rather a tapestry of possibilities shaped by our actions and choices.

2. Negative Cards Mean Bad News: It is natural to be wary of drawing “negative” cards like the Death or Tower cards. However, these cards often symbolize transformation, necessary endings, or wake-up calls for growth. They are not inherently bad but carry lessons that can lead to positive change and renewal.

3. You Must Follow Tarot Spreads Strictly: While spreads provide structure, they are not rigid rules set in stone. Intuition plays a crucial role in Tarot readings, allowing the reader to adapt and interpret the cards based on their connection with the seeker and the unique context of the situation.

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