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Bad Omens: Bad Luck

Some people feel that bad luck follows them wherever they go. While we all experience bouts of bad luck, during a tarot reading, receiving certain cards is a clear warning of bad luck to come. These warnings should be taken seriously, but as always, tarot advice is a guideline and not a set in stone rulebook. Here are some cards you should be on the lookout for in your next reading.

Cards indicating bad luck:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

The Devil– The Devil represents strong themes like gambling and addiction that are taking over your life. When The Devil is pulled in the upright position, it is a sign that things in your life need to take a turn fast to avoid some bad luck and bad karma that are just around the corner for you.

The Ten of Wands– The Ten of Wands tells the story of a man carrying way more than he physically is able to. This is a strong indication that something may be coming that is more than you can physically carry or hold and will lead to bad luck for the foreseeable future.

Five of Pentacles– No bad omens list would be complete without the Five of Pentacles pulling up the rear. The Five of Pentacles is almost always negative energy that you want to stay far away from your readings. It tells of a time of poverty and spiritual despair someone is about to endure.

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