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Bad Omens: Obstacles

There are always obstacles in life that we need to overcome. In tarot, this speaks mainly to things that we need to work through to achieve personal growth. It speaks of things that are holding you back from your Higher Purpose. Listen to your intuition in this time when you receive any of the following cards, as obstacles can appear as people, situations, even opportunities that may not be what they appear.

Cards indicating obstacles:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

The Eight of Cups– The Eight of Cups shows large mountains in the background, the primary symbol for obstacles. A man is walking towards them as he needs to go over them to find his destination. Beware when receiving this card in a reading, that you may have your own mountains to climb in the near future.

The Five of Cups– The Five of Cups tells a very sad story of someone who has lost much. The Cups generally point towards emotional journeys and this is no exception. Receiving this card in a reading tells of an emotional obstacle that will soon find yourself weighed down by. Trust your inner guidance to lead you in this time.

The Five of Wands– The Five of Wands has a fairly straight forward meaning. Someone has seen what you have and has decided they want to take it from you. This obstacle will undoubtedly present itself as competition for your job or your relationship. It will come in the form of another person and you will need to be prepared.

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