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Career Trajectory Spread

Sometimes things in your career aren’t so simple as a yes/no answer. Sometimes it’s more about upwards mobility in your current career and the steps it will take to get you there. When you’re looking for specific advice from the tarot deck regarding your current situation, a Career Trajectory Spread can help shed some light on the situation.

Card #1 represents the overall tone of your career and your accomplishments in your professional life thus far. For example: The Emperor shows structure and authority in your past accomplishments. This suggests you’ve done everything by the books to get to the place you’re in now.

Card #2 gives insight into the future and what the next milestone in your career will be. For example: The Two of Cups represents two entities becoming one and living happily in unity. When this card is pulled, it is a sign that you and your career will indistinguishable from one another and there is happiness in your career ahead.

Card #3 shows a future opportunity that will present itself that you should take. For example: The Ace of Cups as an ace, represents new beginnings. Generally speaking, the cups refer to emotional matters. This could point to a new relationship being the thing that gets your foot in the door, or even a new friend.

Card #4 speaks to your career skills and what personality traits will help you to advance. For example: The Ten of Swords is traditionally not a very welcome card. It shows great betrayal and pain, which may be required for you to advance in your career should you choose to follow this reading.

Card #5 alludes to an action you could take to fast track your career. For example: Seven of Wands points to a challenge in your near future. This may a near impossible task that is given to you as a test or a project. You must rise to whatever obstacles may rise to challenge you to manifest this opportunity to ascend past the next milestone in your career.

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