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Future Love Spread

This spread was designed to divine information on a new relationship that’s waiting around the corner. How will your partner appear to you? Have they been in your life for awhile or is this an entirely new person? These are some of so many exciting questions that this spread is designed to answer.

Card #1 is meant to represent your readiness to accept love. If the perfect relationship presented itself to you right now, would you be able to greet it with open arms? Example: If you pull the Six of Swords for this card, it shows that you’re in a period of transition and change. You’re not quite ready for this new love, but you’re getting there.

Card #2 is meant to give you a glimpse at your future partner. Example: Page of Pentacles can indicate that your lover is loyal and ambitious.

Card #3 gives insight into the meeting. Example: The Tower can indicate a painful loss or an upheaval imminent in your life. This might point to you meeting your partner at a time of chaos in your life.

Card #4 goes back to the one card love spread. This is the overall tone of your relationship. Example: If you were to pull the Death card, you may immediately think this is a horrible omen that shows that your relationship is doomed. However, in tarot, the Death card is the ultimate clean slate. You may need to purge yourself of all bad habits and work towards personal growth to achieve the healthy relationship you seek.

Card #5 represents the eventual outcome of this relationship. Will you be end up happily ever after? Again, most of these are open to interpretation, but there are certain cards that definitely lean a certain way. If you’re unsure, you can look at the yes/no answers of each card. Yesses are generally a positive sign that the relationship will last a long time and be very fulfilling. Example: The Three of Swords is a sign of complete betrayal and heartbreak. This relationship may end in cheating or another deep deception.

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