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Jumper Cards

In the world of tarot, you’ll occasionally hear the phrase “jumper.” This phrase simply means that as you’re shuffling your deck for a reading, a card literally flies out at you and falls out of the deck. This shouldn’t count as your first card pulled, but something else entirely.

It is up to you as a reader whether you put stock into jumper cards or not. Some tarot readers simply shuffle them back into the deck. Some, however, give special significance to the card and sit it off to the side. When doing your reading, that card can represent the person you’re doing the reading for or change the tone of the cards you’ve pulled for the spread itself as an “extra” card. That’s the beauty of divination. Always stick with what feels right to you in the situation.

The more spiritual believers think that a jumper card is a manifestation of your deck’s will and it has to try very hard to escape the deck during shuffling. Coincidence or not? You decide.

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