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Lightworking in Tarot

We’ve spent a long time talking about lightworking’s sometimes devilish cousin, shadow working. Now is the time to tackle the world of lightworking in tarot. Just like your shadow self is the part of you that you hide, your light is the part of you that you aim to share with the world. Sometimes we come across people that don’t get along with us and we think they’d like us if only they knew us better. What you’re referring to is your light.

Lightworking is just what is sounds like. It is work and self reflection through tarot that can help you work towards your Higher Purpose and become the person you’re meant to be. Light work can mean tackling bad habits or making a conscious effort to embrace new virtues – such as patience. There are many ways to begin the journey of lightworking, but over the next week, we will be going over some exercises to help you begin your journey.

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