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More Tarot Tips for Beginners

Don’t hold yourself to impossible standards.
Your reading will never be identical to someone else’s reading. Even if you’re looking at the same set of cards, your interpretation will be completely different from another tarot reader’s interpretation. Your intuition will tell you exactly what the cards are trying to say to you. Don’t worry about if your client will accept what you are telling them. People will always have skepticism about tarot. If you’re steadfast in your divination skills, that is the most you can do.

Be confident.
Confidence is key. If you seem unsure in what you’re saying, it will be hard for someone you’re reading for to take you seriously. Tarot is not a science and we all make mistakes during readings. The way you recover from those readings makes a difference. Do you recover with confidence or do you stutter and stumble over your response? Also ask yourself, who are you more likely to trust?

Be consistent with your beliefs.
People believe a million different things about tarot. Some believe in the science behind divination and intuition. Some entertain the idea of tarot without fully accepting it as having validity. It is important to know what you believe and stick to a consistent belief through your readings. It is okay if your beliefs evolve over time. However, if you speak to divination when you stumble on a card meaning, but you don’t believe in divination… that’s when you lose credibility.

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