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Bad Omens: Poverty

We’ve touched a bit on the good omens that you can receive in tarot that stand alone to set the tone for a reading. There are some intensely bad omens in tarot as well that may startle you in a reading. It is important to remember that tarot cards do not tell the future, they offer guidance on situations in your life that are actively happening or will soon manifest themselves. These are some omens of incoming financial hardship that you may want to prepare yourself for.

Cards indicating poverty:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

Ten of Swords– The Ten of Swords can be interpreted in many ways, but on its face, it shows a man laying face down with ten swords in his back. This can indicate loss of a job soon or another hardship to come. It doesn’t speak exclusively to financial hardship, but it is more often a factor than not.

Four of Pentacles– The Four of Pentacles tells the story of a man who is greedy with his money in the present time. The implication is that this greed will come back to haunt him in the future and this card warns you to be careful with your finances of course, but never stingy. Otherwise, you risk losing funding altogether.

Five of Pentacles– This is another card that shows on its face exactly what it represents. Two homeless people are wandering in the cold. They are hungry and injured, this represents your spirit. Your spirit may be injured and a great financial hardship is likely ahead when you receive this card. Sometimes it can be avoided by reevaluating your finances and that is the guidance this card offers you.

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