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Past, Present, Future Spread

A Past, Present, & Future spread can apply in general to whatever realm of your life you need it to. This is another spread that is largely up to interpretation.

Card #1 shows your past. For example: The King of Cups shows creativity and compassion. This can likely refer to a situation in your past where you felt nurtured and respected.

Card #2 shows your present. For example: The Six of Wands represents success and recognition. This indicates a strong position in your current life.

Card #3 shows your future. For example: The Ten of Pentacles shows wealth and family in your future.

Card #4 represents an obstacle that is currently in your path. For example: The Empress represents dependence and emptiness. You may be healing from your past or too attached to someone that is holding you back from recognizing your true potential and purpose.

Card #5 symbolizes something that will help you to move forward. For example: The Queen of Cups represents compassion kindness and intuition. Overall, this is a very positive reading. As a whole it would tell you that you’re in a positive place, but your reader would likely tell you to reevaluate your friendships. Card #4 may suggest that there is a person in your life you’re giving too much of your positive energy to that might be taking advantage.

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