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Shadow work: Journaling

Journaling is an important part of tarot for any tarot reader. Much like you can sometimes piece together events that directly affect each other through a day to day journal, the same is true of tarot. This can be the case with shadow work as well. Think about the things that you want to work on.

For example: if you’ve recently fought with your partner and you want to work on things like being more vulnerable, write about that. Get all of your emotions out and then when you feel your words winding down, pull a tarot card. Write about how that affects that aspect of your life and how you’d want to begin to make changes. Following the previous example, I pulled The Fool card. We all know The Fool leads to all new adventures and beginnings. This can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. If you’re referring to being more vulnerable, I am interpreting this card to mean that you need to begin fresh. Free yourself from past mistakes and focus on being better going forward. Progress is not always linear and as long as you’re still trying to open up and be vulnerable, your shadow self is not winning.

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