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Pluto: Natal Chart Interpretation

When you’re reading a natal chart for a tarotscope reading, it’s very important to understand the different aspects and how they work together to create the full picture. Pluto is the final piece to understanding your natal chart. Pluto, as a planet, is named after the Roman God of the underworld. This is fitting because it represents destruction and upheaval. In tarot, the idea of destruction is always followed by rebirth and it is not looked at as a negative sign. Pluto is also thought by some to represent a person’s shadow self. Your “shadow self” is a side of yourself that you deem to be unacceptable. It shows hidden desires and thoughts you may not admit to yourself.

Pluto changes signs a bit less reliably than other planets. Because of its 248 year orbit around the sun, it can take anywhere from 12 to 31 years to move to a new sign. It is known as a generations planet- which points to the idea that your friend group and age range will likely all share the same sign. You will never meet someone with every Pluto sign in your life. Unfortunately, our life just is not long enough and you would have to live over 200 years to accomplish this task!

An example of a strong Pluto would be Scorpio. This shows that you are resilient. You are growing up in a time of trouble and you wish to make dynamic changes and persevere through struggles regardless.

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