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Neptune: Natal Chart Interpretation

When you’re reading a natal chart for a tarotscope reading, it’s very important to understand the different aspects and how they work together to create the full picture. Neptune reveals your dreams and desires, as well as how compassionate you are to others. It is also known to some as the “psychic” planet. It shows how well you treat people, even when you don’t believe anyone is looking.

Your overall Neptune may not be entirely unique to you. It spends about 14 years in each zodiac sign, so odds are it will move through generations and there will be some Neptunes that you will not experience for your entire life.

Example: Having a Neptune in Gemini hasn’t been an option since the early 20th century. However, having a Neptune in Gemini would reveal that someone has a very quick attention span and unbridled energy for creatives. These people are very involved in hustle and bustle and likely have very little time to fraternize or concern themselves with others.

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