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Tarot Mastery: Leveling Up Your Reading Skills for Intermediate Readers

Hey there, tarot aficionados! You’ve got the basics down, and now you’re looking to take your tarot game to the next level. That’s awesome! As an experienced tarot reader, I know that there’s always more to learn and discover. So, here’s a laid-back guide packed with tips and tricks for intermediate tarot readers like you who want to up their skills and have a blast while doing it!

#1 Mix and Match Decks
You’ve probably got a favorite tarot deck (or two), but don’t be afraid to explore other decks that intrigue you. Working with different decks can open up new perspectives and boost your intuitive understanding of the cards. Plus, it’s always fun to discover new artwork and symbolism!

#2 Dive Deeper into Symbolism Now that you’re comfortable with the cards, it’s time to dig deeper into their symbolism. Learn more about the historical, cultural, and mythological background of the cards. The more layers of meaning you uncover, the richer and more insightful your readings will be.

#3 Explore Reversals If you haven’t already, consider incorporating reversed cards into your readings. Reversals add depth and nuance to your interpretations and can shed light on hidden obstacles or subconscious influences. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to read reversals – just trust your instincts and have fun exploring this new aspect of tarot.

#4 Master Your Intuition Your intuition is a crucial part of tarot reading, and there’s always room for improvement. Try meditating, journaling, or practicing mindfulness exercises to strengthen your intuitive muscles. The more in tune you are with your inner voice, the better your readings will be.

#5 Create Your Own Spreads By now, you’ve probably tried a bunch of different tarot spreads. But have you ever created your own? Designing custom spreads tailored to specific questions or situations can be both fun and enlightening. Plus, it’ll make your readings even more personal and unique.

#6 Embrace the Art of Storytelling Tarot is all about telling stories. Try weaving the cards together into a coherent narrative during your readings. This can help you see the bigger picture and provide a more cohesive and meaningful interpretation for yourself or others.

#7 Learn from the Pros Expand your horizons by learning from other tarot readers, both online and offline. Check out blogs, podcasts, books, and workshops to soak up knowledge and inspiration. And don’t forget to engage with the tarot community – sharing your experiences and insights with others is a great way to grow as a reader.

#8 Practice, Practice, Practice The more you read, the better you’ll get! Offer to read for friends, family, or even strangers (with their permission, of course). Reading for a diverse range of people and situations will challenge you and help you develop your skills even further.

Taking your tarot skills to the next level is all about exploration, growth, and having a blast. Embrace these tips, keep honing your intuition, and stay curious about the magical world of tarot. As you continue to deepen your understanding and expand your skills, you’ll become not only a more confident and insightful reader but also unlock even more profound personal growth and self-discovery. Keep on reading, and enjoy the journey!

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