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Best Cards to Receive in a Career Reading

Often times, we find ourselves searching for further meaning in our readings. Whether you’re drawing the cards or having them drawn for you, it’s hard to know what is a good sign or a bad sign, as nearly everything in tarot is up for interpretation. Here are some clear cut positive cards to receive in a career reading.

Ace of Pentacles: We know that the aces of suits are always about new adventures and the pentacles are always referring to financial matters. In a career reading, this most likely means that there is a promotion or a new job on the way that will improve your health career wise and probably financially as well.

Eight of Pentacles: Upright the Eight of Pentacles signifies talent and ambition, which are wonderful omens to receive in a career reading. This points to your hard work and tells you that you will soon be rewarded for it in your career.

The Emperor: The Emperor card signifies an authority figure and to receive this in a career reading means you have a talent for leadership and may soon find yourself in a position of power or a senior position.

Remember the other cards in a reading and the surrounding cards can alter the reading significantly, as can reverse cards. However, if you see any of these cards in a career reading, you can rest assured that there is most likely a positive reading ahead.

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