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Good Omens: Reconnection

Someone coming back into your life can be a positive or negative experience. People are important in shaping you to meet your Higher Purpose and helping you to achieve your goals. Unlike The Hermit, you can rarely achieve everything on your own, independent as you may be. These are some of the cards that show you reconnecting with someone that was once very important to you and your spiritual journey.

Cards indicating reconnection:
All cards are considered to be in the upright position

Two of Cups– This card tells of a great union between two people. Though it depicts a wedding, it can refer to a friendship or a familial relationship with someone you were previously inseparable with. However, it does most often refer to a lover coming back into your life in a more permanent way.

Temperance– Temperance and grace are very important aspects of any relationship. When you receive this card, it can tell of someone coming back into your life that you may not have seen eye to eye with in the past. However, the personal growth you’ve achieved has made this reunion possible that is on the horizon.

Justice– Justice is a double-edged sword. It implores you to see both sides of a situation and entertain the possibility that you may be in the wrong. For this upcoming reunion to be possible, you will need to be open to new perspectives and ideas.

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