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Best Cards to Receive in a Love Reading

Often times, we find ourselves searching for further meaning in our readings. Whether you’re drawing the cards or having them drawn for you, it’s hard to know what is a good sign or a bad sign, as nearly everything in tarot is up for interpretation. Here are some clear cut positive cards to receive in a love reading.

Two of Cups: We will start with probably the most obvious positive card as it generally depicts a marriage on its face. This is a symbol of unity in your relationship. This is not a prediction of engagement or impending marriage.

The Hierophant: Conversely, many people see this card as the ultimate sign of marriage to come. In today’s modern age, there are many relationships that believe in traditional monogamy. For those couples, this just shows a strong joining or turning point in the relationship. Regardless, no cards are set in stone.

Ace of Cups: The Ace of every suit signifies new beginnings. If you are single and you receive this in a reading, it is a sure sign of a new budding relationship on the horizon.

Four of Wands: The Four of Wands signifies a period of harmony in your life. This indicates you may be about to reunite with someone from your past in a positive way.

Remember the other cards in a reading and the surrounding cards can alter the reading significantly, as can reverse cards. However, if you see any of these cards in a love reading, you can rest assured that there is most likely a positive reading ahead.

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