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New Years Spread

New Year’s is a time full of possibilities. We imagine all kinds of things might take place in the new year, but what does the new year actually hold? Why not try a fun spread to help illuminate the future?

Card One: What surprises does the new year hold?

Example: The Knight of Cups tells you to follow your heart always. It is a sign of incoming proposals and new steps in your relationships. This is a wonderful sign for the new year and points to a very good year ahead.

Card Two: What do you need to focus on healing in the new year?

Example: The Four of Pentacles shows materialism and insecurity. You may be allowing money to rule your life or letting your insecurities affect your relationships. Becoming cognizant of this in the new year can only lead to better times ahead.

Card Three: Who is someone that will have a big influence on you in this year?

Example: The Queen of Swords shows someone that is confident and independent. She showcases a flawless moral compass. Someone will come into your life or become a bigger part of your life that is a positive influence on you. They will make grounded decisions using logic and their morals.

Card Four: What does your love life look like in the new year?

Example: The Seven of Swords shows deception and trickery. This is not a great sign for any current romantic partners. However, if we refer back to the first card pulled it may be a sign that your current relationship is going to end and something better will be on the horizon this year.

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