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Tarot Exercise: Dream Journaling Introduction

Throughout March, we will be talking more in depth about dream journaling and how it can help you become better at tarot. Dream journals can help you understand what tarot means to you specifically and how you connect with each card. Your energy and divination skills will highly affect your reading and it’s what will keep people that like your readings coming back to you. So it can be nice to develop your own style and flair. That’s another thing dream journaling can help with. It can get you into the right mindset and attract the right energy to you during a reading.

Exercise 1: Dream Journal Introduction
To become familiar with the way your dreams can connect with tarot, start by writing about any dreams you remember when you wake up. Important things to note are any symbols that stick out to you (i,e, a snake, a baby, anything). You can later connect these to tarot cards through symbols to gain deeper understanding of your subconscious mind. The most important thing is to write down the energy that resonates with you. If you had a dream where you caught your partner cheating on you, The Three of Swords may be the perfect way to tap into the emotional space you need to be in to tell the story of the tarot spread in your next reading.

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