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Cards Symbolizing Luck in Tarot

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day coming up, you may be wondering exactly how lucky you are. Luck is a theme we see throughout tarot and there are some cards that are considered to be undeniably lucky. Which cards should you be looking forward to receiving? Let’s go over a few of those together.

The Ace of Pentacles is looked at as the beginning of a journey, based on it being an ace. Visually, it represents luck through the large golden coin on its face and shows that you are about to have a lot of financial luck headed your way. This is one of the most welcome cards you can receive in a reading, as it has very little negative connotations,

The Three of Cups shows a celebration, We see three women dancing around cups that are overflowing. This is representative of the abundance they have received. They have more than enough and are celebratory and grateful for the surplus. Generally, where cups are concerned, abundance speaks mainly to emotional space. They are calm and happy. Is there anything luckier than inner peace?

The final card we are going to speak about today is The Six of Wands. Wands tend to point to a journey of mental creativity. This is a moment of mental clarity or a breakthrough in your career that is on the horizon when you are presented with the Six of Wands. Certainly, you may find it to be full of luck!

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