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Venus: Natal Chart Interpretation

When you’re reading a natal chart for a tarotscope reading, it’s very important to understand the different aspects and how they work together to create the full picture. Venus is arguably one of the most important pieces of your natal chart. It speaks to what you value in a romantic partner and your overall taste. If your friends complain you have horrible taste in music, you can surely blame it on your Venus.

Venus changes signs about every 30 days, depending on the location of the planet itself. It makes sense that the planet Venus rules over love as the Roman goddess, Venus, ruled over love and sexuality as well. Many people refer to the overall compatibility of sun signs in a relationship. However, for a romantic partner, you should compare Venus signs to truly learn about your compatibility in a relationship. Venus will show you your love languages and how you express love.

For example: If your Venus is in Leo, your love life is meant to be a thing of grandeur. You are filled with the fire and passion of the Leo zodiac sign. You are passionate and demanding, but also loving as can be. It can be hard to open up to a romantic partner and they may even think you a bit dramatic.

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